YSD Employees Education Programme
Yayasan Sime Darby extends its scholarship assistance to Sime Darby Companies' employees who are interested to pursue diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate studies locally on a part-time basis in fields of study which are relevant to Sime Darby’s business needs.
  • 1) Eligibility and Minimum Requirement

    Applicant for this programme must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Employee must be in full-time employment in Sime Darby Companies or its subsidiaries in Malaysia only.
    2. Employee must obtain the approval of their respective Heads of Department of Sime Darby Companies.
    3. Employee must have a minimum of two (2) years of service within the Sime Darby Companies.
    4. Employee must secure a placement at a university within 3 months after the scholarship is awarded. Employees who are currently enrolled in a university are also encouraged to apply, subject to the approval from the Head of Department on the field of studies undertaken by the employee.

    This privilege will not be extended to employees in associated corporations (‘Associate Companies’ means companies in which Sime Darby’s shareholding is less than 50%).

    All applications must be approved by the Head of Department (VPII and above) prior to submission to YSD.

  • 2) Accepted Fields of Study
    Scholarships will be offered to employees who are inclined to pursue fields of study related to Sime Darby Companies’ businesses, subject to the university’s admission's offer and approval from the respective Human Resource Department of Sime Darby Companies.
  • 3) Accepted Universities
    The programme accepts any recognised local academic institutions in Malaysia.
  • 4) Value of Scholarship
    The scholarship will cover full tuition and academic fees, thesis allowance (for postgraduate studies) and book allowance.
  • 5) Service Bond Period
    Upon completion of studies, scholars will be required to serve Sime Darby's business entities, depending on the value of the scholarship. 
  • 6) Scholarship Application

    Please submit the completed application form, coupled with all relevant supporting documents to the following email address:

    Scholarship email address :
    Subject of the email : YSD (name of scholarship programme) 2021_Application form

    Application for YSD Employees Education Programme is now closed.

    Thank you.
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