Providing Braille Books to Visually Impaired Children in Malaysia
YSD believes that everyone should be able to have access to all levels of education.
In a joint programme, YSD and Persatuan Braille Malaysia have committed to produce and distribute 1,000 reference books in Braille to visually impaired children attending schools throughout the nation.

Persatuan Braille Malaysia is a registered charitable organisation with a specific objective of assisting the visually impaired to have access to printed materials. With RM70,000 funding from YSD, the association plans to produce 1,000 Braille primary and secondary school reference books, which will be distributed free to visually impaired children in 30 selected schools nationwide with existing programmes for the visually impaired.

These books will be translated by members of Persatuan Braille Malaysia and read by sighted volunteers, so that they can be typed into Braille text. 
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