Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior 2023 Programme Launches with Innovative Incubation Initiative

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 18: In a significant step towards fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts among students, Kakiseni Junior, funded by Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) under its Arts & Culture pillar, proudly announces the launch of the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior 2023 programme. This initiative aims to empower students through creative expressions, connecting them with performing and visual artists, and encouraging community leadership.

To kick off the programme, teachers from participating schools and artists will undergo a week-long incubation period from 13 to 18 December 2023. This immersive experience will prepare them for the implementation of the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior initiative in the upcoming year.

The mission of Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior is to instil a sense of appreciation for the arts in students and empower their role in society by being proactive with their abilities. Its objectives include:
● Connecting schools with performing or visual artists as role models for students and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to teachers.
● Inspiring Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior members to become community leaders.
● Encouraging engagement with peers through creative expressions.

President of Kakiseni Junior Low Ngai Yuen said: “Through the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior programme, we aim to nurture young minds, instil a vibrant appreciation for the arts, and empower children to explore their creative potential. This initiative not only provides a platform for practitioners to share their skills but also fosters a healthy interest in the arts, laying the foundation for a future generation of imaginative and expressive individuals.”

In 2020, also with the support of YSD, the foundations of Kakiseni Junior were laid as the organisation embarked on the journey of building and establishing its online platform, The subsequent year, 2021, marked the official launch of Kakiseni Junior, signalling a significant step in championing arts education for children and young people. In 2022, the platform made a tangible impact as 160 children across four communities benefited from the Seni Making A Difference (SeniMAD) program facilitated through Kakiseni Junior.

“The launch of Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior marks a pivotal stride in YSD’s commitment to the arts, following the success of the Kakiseni Junior website – that enables arts educational programmes to be made easily accessible to students in public schools. This addresses a large education gap as many youth, especially those from the B40 households, are deprived of and lack the opportunities to be exposed to creative art classes which supplement their formal education, nurture their talent, as well as assist them in developing their soft skills and creativity. This strategic investment and collaboration with Persatuan Kakiseni aim to actively contribute to shaping a future where the arts flourishes as a cornerstone of our cultural identity; being a deliberate effort to foster creativity among school children, empower communities, and build a legacy that transcends generations,” added YSD CEO Dr Hjh Yatela Zainal Abidin.

This year marks further expansion and innovation as Kakiseni Junior initiated the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior pilot programme in three Klang Valley schools. This strategic move aimed to deepen the connection between students and the arts, fostering a sense of appreciation and empowerment.

Additionally, the pivotal 1-week incubation programme is all set to unfold at YWCA KL, involving 32 teachers and 13 artists. They will learn from various art professionals on the following topics:

● Theatre for Children by KL Shakespeare Players
● Theatre in Education by ASWARA’s Engku Zalifah and Balkis Omar
● Upcycled Installation by Reimagine Plastic Project
● Introduction to Prop-Making by William Koong
● Social Activism by Low Ngai Yuen, Shaq Koyok and Parastoo Theatre
● Traditional Dance by JKKN Kuala Lumpur
● Choreography by On Stage Productions

This immersive experience has been designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and insights for the successful implementation of the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior initiative in the coming year. Participants will graduate at the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior launch ceremony slated for 18 December 2023 at Balai Seni Negara.

As a testament to its commitment to providing comprehensive resources, Kakiseni Junior announces the upcoming publication of the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior workbook on, scheduled for release by the end of December 2023. This initiative underscores Kakiseni Junior's dedication to nurturing creativity and empowering both educators and students through arts education.

Looking ahead to 2024, Kakiseni Junior has set ambitious goals to expand the reach and impact of the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior initiative. The organisation aims to establish the Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior programme in an additional 13 states across the nation, broadening the platform's influence and providing more students with the opportunity to engage in arts education.

As part of this expansion, each participating school in the programme will be paired with a visual or performing artist, who will play a central role in running Kelab YSD-Kakiseni Junior activities. These artists will work in collaboration with teachers, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching arts education experience for the students. This forward-looking vision reflects Kakiseni Junior's commitment to fostering creativity, empowering students, and making a meaningful impact on arts education throughout the country.

The list of participating schools 2023 are:
- Lembah Klang : SK Bdr. Baru Sentul, SK Seri Tasik, SMK Bdr. Baru Seri Petaling
- Negeri Sembilan : SK Salak Nama, Rembau
- Melaka : SK Kem Gerakhas
- Johor : SK Taman Pulai Emas
- Sarawak : SK Sri Simalajau
- W.P Labuan : SK Sungai Bedaun
- Sabah : SMK Limbanak, Penampang
- Pahang : SMK Tanjong Lumpur, Kuantan
- Terengganu : SK Pusat Kuala Ibai
- Kelantan : SK Machang 1
- Perlis : SMK Dato' Jaafar Hassan
- Kedah : SK Temonyong, Langkawi
- Pulau Pinang : SMK Seri Bayu
- Perak : SK Iskandar Perdana

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