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Community & Health
Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) supports community-based programmes and sustainable initiatives intended to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged people and reduce socio-economic disparities. YSD assists initiatives that promote national policy changes to protect the basic rights and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged and marginalised communities. YSD also encourages research and advocacy efforts towards improving community health.

Focus Areas for Community & Health: 

Promoting Rights and Well-being of the Marginalised

1. Sinar Harapan Programme
2. Disaster Relief and Preparedness Programme
3. Huluran Kasih Volunteering Programme
4. Gender equality and Violence Against Women
5. Reproductive health
6. Rights and well-being of the disabled
7. Child rights and well-being
8. Access to basic needs

Improving Community Health

1. Impactful medical research
2. Access to quality healthcare
3. Advocacy and policy change
4. Awareness and capacity building
5. Investing in mental health

THEY CALL THEM ANGELS IN THE COMMUNITY: Keeping vulnerable patients safe at home
Employee 001 Celebrates 20 Years at Cancer Research Malaysia: Interview with Yoon Sook Yee
Fulfilling Flood Relief Missions: Through the Lens of MERCY Malaysia Volunteers
COVID-19 has set off a global health crisis that is still unfolding and causing unprecedented challenges to each layer of society, especially to medical frontliners who have borne the full brunt of the pandemic. The pandemic has upended healthcare operations, exposed logistical and supply chain limitations, put the physical and mental limits of health workers to test, and forced rapid adoption of digital solutions. Despite these extraordinary challenges, they remain unwaveringly devoted in their efforts to keep fellow citizens safe and healthy during the pandemic.
In an interview with YSD, Yu Ren Chung the Deputy Executive Director & Advocacy Director at the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) shares how the WAO is working to eliminate gender-based violence and their consistent efforts in helping survivors during the tumultuous pandemic.
In conjunction with World Autism Awareness month, we are proud to share inspiring messages from parents of children with autism, courtesy of our partner IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC). YSD’s partnership with IAC since 2014 enabled the Centre to assist 93 children with autism, 86 of which come from underprivileged families, to undergo early intervention programmes which enabled 41 of them to be enrolled in mainstream schools. Watch the video to learn about their personal experiences and how YSD-supported IAC programmes have changed their lives for the better. Read the snippets below:
Raising children with autism is no easy feat. However, having access to knowledge resources, tools and support from organisations like IAC may help ease the fear and confusion in such a challenging yet rewarding journey. To celebrate and promote Autism Awareness Month, IAC shared several interviews that shine a light on autism and the challenges of caring for children who are affected by the developmental condition.
As of August 2020, YSD had committed almost RM6.3 million through various partnerships to support relief efforts addressing the immediate needs of frontliners and communities impacted by COVID-19.
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