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In conjunction with World Autism Awareness month, we are proud to share inspiring messages from parents of children with autism, courtesy of our partner IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC). YSD’s partnership with IAC since 2014 enabled the Centre to assist 93 children with autism, 86 of which come from underprivileged families, to undergo early intervention programmes which enabled 41 of them to be enrolled in mainstream schools. Watch the video to learn about their personal experiences and how YSD-supported IAC programmes have changed their lives for the better. Read the snippets below:

Marina binti Kamarudin@Kamarulbahrin, 41 years old.
Mom of Nur Ayra Safeeya binti Hairil Syahronni, 7 years old.

"Ayra was diagnosed with autism when she was 3 years old. IAC is a good centre because it provides therapies, training, academic, activities and outdoor trips. IAC has helped and improved my daughter tremendously. Now Ayra has good eye contact, able to communicate, and always responsive. I wish a happy World Autism Awareness Day to all autistic children, especially to the children at IDEAS.”

Siti Mei Ling binti Mohammad Sazali, 35 years old.
Mom of Aleesa Hana binti Mohd Al Ashraf, 5 years old.

"I have two daughters and one of them has autism. I came to know about IAC on the Internet when searching for a good place for Hana. It has been two years since Hana enrolled in IAC and I can see a lot of improvements, especially in terms of skills and understanding of surrounding. IAC has been a great help for working parents like me and my husband. I wish all the parents of special needs children out there all the strength and resilience to care for their little ones and may God ease everything for us.”

Mohamad Isa bin Kasti, 49 years old. Nor Azalina binti Mohd Saleeh, 42 years old.
Parents of Muhammad Aariz Daniyal, 5 years old and Muhammad Aliff Daniyal, 3 years old.

“We were glad when we found IDEAS Autism Centre for our two boys, which provides affordable yet comprehensive programmes for children with autism. They provide Early Intervention Programme and therapies including speech therapy and Behaviour Intervention Plan. They also provide training and counselling for parents, which are very helpful, especially during this pandemic. In terms of improvements, our children are behaving a lot better and now they can follow instructions and complete simple tasks. We wish our children can grow up well and give their best to society. We also hope the people out there to be aware of autism, recognise, accept, and make them feel welcomed and supported.”

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