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celebrating 20 years at Cancer Research Malaysia: Interview with Yoon Sook Yee

Meet Cancer Research Malaysia’s employee 001. Yoon Sook Yee first heard of a cancer research set-up in Malaysia back in 2000 and was immediately drawn to a wonderful opportunity. She decided to pursue the opportunity and after 20 years of hard work, she is now one of two credentialed genetic counsellors in the country!

In this interview, Sook-Yee shares her journey of hard work and perseverance as well as her belief that Malaysians have what it takes to pursue genetic counselling.

Sook Yee recently celebrated 20 years at Cancer Research Malaysia. She is now taking us back to the year 2000 when she first came on board. Today, she is one of two credentialed genetic counsellors in the country, and has helped make Malaysia the first country in Asia with nationwide access to this lifesaving service, ultimately improving cancer survival for Malaysian women.

Click here to learn more about the interview. 

Under the Community & Health pillar, YSD's 9-year support for CRM worth RM42 million began in January 2012 and the sponsorship was recently extended to a 4th phase for another 3 years with a total commitment of RM12 million. 

YSD is honoured to assist CRM's research efforts to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families as well as towards improving national health standards and practices. May this achievement catalyse even more milestones in the future to put Malaysia on the map in the area of cancer research.

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