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Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) endeavours to offer wisdom, expertise and assistance at all levels of education to promote and advance what people believe they can achieve, especially the underprivileged. YSD supports initiatives that reduce gaps in accessing quality education between urban and rural societies, and to improve access to basic education for the marginalised. The Foundation also strives to support national policies with the aim of improving the Malaysian education system.

Focus Areas for Education: 

Education Sponsorship

1. Providing Scholarships & Bursaries
2. Enriching Vocational Skills
3. Assisting the Underprivileged

Education Development 

1. Access to Basic Education
2. Education Transformation Programme
3. Research and Empowerment

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Scholar Stories: Muhammad Firdaus Abu Hassan
Scholars Testimonials
The stresses of the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have caused dramatic shifts in education all over the world. As e-learning becomes a necessity rather than an option, classroom lessons are conducted remotely via digital platforms. This approach has been adopted globally both in urban and rural areas as keeping schools open poses health and safety risks for students. However, the costs and requirements of digital learning have posed some challenges among students especially the disadvantaged ones.
In an interview with Matthew Teng Kit Khinn and Shuhaily Yusoff, undergraduate student and teacher mentors respectively, participating in SDYIC, they explain their motivation and drive in mentoring students to be more innovative. Scan the QR code to read the full story
Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) had allocated RM18 million for this initiative, benefitting a total of 8,428 B40 students from 66 schools in 30 districts, in 10 states and 2 federal territories nationwide. The execution of this initiative is also supported by more than 30 YSD Huluran Kasih employee volunteers from the 3 Sime Darby companies.
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