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Borneo Jungle Diaries 2
YSD’s support for environmental conservation initiatives has been vigorous especially in Sabah and some parts of the Peninsular, and we hope to extend our initiatives in Sarawak soon. From protecting and preserving vulnerable and endangered wildlife species to supporting environmental research via scholarships, reforestation and replanting initiatives as well as seascape conservation and community empowerment, YSD will remain committed to playing a significant role in the betterment of the environment. 

We invite everyone to learn more about the amazing wildlife population in Borneo (Sabah, in particular) through the lenses of wildlife researchers. Check out the 'Borneo Jungle Diaries' web series produced by our partner Scubazoo! In the 2nd season, actress cum student Alexandra Alexander, who is a Borneo native, brings viewers to unravel the mysteries of the jungle. The 1st season which was hosted by environmental photojournalist Aaron 'Bertie' Gekoski, offers 10 episodes while the 2nd one has 7 episodes, all of them are between 7 to 12-minute long and available to watch for FREE.

Click here to watch all the episodes!

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