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Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) supports development programmes and grassroot initiatives that promote healthy living, unity and inclusion among children and youth, including disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Towards this end, YSD makes available the resources to promote team sporting activities to help youths realise their full potential; develop sports; cultivate role models who inspire unity, excel in sports and raise the standards of sports. 

Focus Areas for Sports: 

Healthy Living Through Sports

1. Encouraging an active lifestyle and sporting culture
2. Promoting inclusion and unity through sports
3. Empowering role model athletes

Sports Development Programme from the Grassroots

1. Development of sports talents from the grassroots

World-class Athletes

1. Nurture sports talents and elevate their status into world-class athletes

Women and Girls Development in Sports

1. Support projects and development programs to include the participation of girls and women athletes

Featured Projects
YSD Chairman's Trophy
National Stroke Association of Malaysia - NASAM Stroke Games 2019
Sime Darby Foundation Track Cycling Team
The pandemic has brought all plans to an unexpected standstill. All physical training programmes mapped out for the National Cricket Development Programme for Girls and Women tournaments and training camps scheduled from January to March 2021, were further postponed as a result of the Movement Control Order (MCO) being extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In an interview with YSD, John Beasley, the Head Coach of the Sime Darby Foundation Track Cycling Team (SDFTCT), discusses the growth and achievements of the cycling team and supporting the development of the cyclists and supporting team.
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