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YSD Excellence Scholarship (Pre University China)
 Sharmaini a/p Murugesan (20)
Bachelor of Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Recipient of YSD Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (China)
"Light shines when you least expect it to" and I am thankful to YSD for giving me that opportunity, trusting me with a scholarship and restoring my hopes and dreams that were crushed.

I was randomly Google-ing the word 'scholarships in Malaysia' when I came across the Pre-U China scholarship and I felt it was very unique, because usually companies send their scholars to UK, US, and Australia. So, I read about China, its study environment, the beauty of its culture, the high job prospects after graduating, and the dominance of the Chinese language worldwide, and I felt drawn towards applying for the scholarship. I even came across many job offerings where they listed Chinese language as their main requirement and I gave it a chance. China has a booming economy and a wide population of professionals in the finance field. It is an honour to be learning from one of the best.

My first step into this programme was the Scholars Development Programme in Merlimau, Melaka. Merlimau? What? WHERE? Hold your horses. Don't go on Google Maps just yet. Let me tell you, it was the beautiful, most magical experience in my life and I gained so much experience, strength, motivation and memories that would last a lifetime, maybe more. I learned to stay on the right path and how to look at mistakes as lessons and to never give up, no matter what. I met really great trainers and the bond between us all lasts till today.

Sime Darby gave me a chance to explore a new country, learn new culture, meet new people and create new memories. Not to mention, the one thing I look forward to every month are the emails I receive from Sime Darby. How their words of encouragement never cease to amaze me, because I know that through this scholarship I have learned a little bit more about myself. I have learned to try new things, to look over the horizon, to accept criticism, to conquer most of my fears and fall a little more in love with the new me. I have learned to set my priorities and goals, and here I am determined to soar higher and stand strong with the rest.  
Lim Mun Qwan (21)
Bachelor of Finance, Peking University
Recipient of YSD Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (China)
Life is beautiful when dreams are attainable. It’s such an honour to be engaged with Yayasan Sime Darby, a foundation that is famous for the good judge of talents and outstanding charity work. I’m on the journey of learning, growing and developing, Yayasan Sime Darby has completed my dreams on that path.

As one of the first batch scholars under Pre-U China Programme, I needed courage to take up the offer. After completing my foundation programme at Beijing Language and Culture University, I was admitted to Peking University, a well-known university in the world and also the highest institution in China. The university had given me many opportunities to improve and grow, not only academically but also practically.

The Chinese Council and the university clubs had organized plenty of meaningful activities, enabling us to integrate well with the Chinese culture while producing a stronger bond with the Chinese as well as the International Students, E.g. : Students Exchange Programme to Overseas, Heritage Tour, International Cultural Exhibition, Opera Show, Badaling Great Wall Cup - Beijing International Cycling Tour and so on. I’m given the opportunities to learn the advantages from the elites all over the world while generating my own strength.

China is indeed a very new world education platform; however, with arising business market and the generalization of Chinese Language, it turns to be a golden opportunity to understand the Chinese’ cultures as well as their economy operation system.

I believe that “there’s no real ending, it’s just the place where you stop the story”. Life will continues shining no matter where you are. I am confident my future will be glorious by being part of YSD and I appreciate very much the knowledge and experiences I have gained during this journey.
Haafizhul Fithri bin Salim (21)
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Recipient of YSD Pre University Excellence Scholarship (China)
Getting the chance to be a Sime Darby scholar are by far the most exciting part of my life. Everything changes, my life routine, my travelling experiences, meeting people around the world, learning other country's culture and heritage, but mostly, it changes my view.

What I can say is, Sime Darby gave me the chance to open up my mind and explore the world more. But, every good journeys also has its own bitterness. For me, it was surviving and persevering life outside my comfort zone.

I learnt that, learning other language is very fun and gave me a whole new perspective to look upon. These golden experiences that Sime Darby gave me is the core in building myself to become a better person and most importantly, let me grow up to enjoy my short life.
Anton Chew (19)
Chinese Language (with foundation studies in Accounting), Beijing Language and Culture University
Recipient of YSD Pre University Excellence Scholarship (China)
 “Dreams do come true”. I’m currently pursuing Foundation in Chinese Language at Beijing Language and Culture University, China.

Yayasan Sime Darby gave me an opportunity to study abroad in China and explore a new country. YSD also gave me an opportunity to study with people from all over the world (something I’ve never ever imagined possible for me. I’ve learned how to look at mistakes as stepping stones to success, to be more independent, to be more open towards criticisms and also to be wiser in managing my money.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am towards Yayasan Sime Darby. I now believe and can boldly say that “Dreams do come true”.
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