YSD offers sponsorships to deserving organisations that share our dedication towards our five pillars. We support sustainable projects that give wide-spread impacts to the people and planet. We also provide guidance to our beneficiaries in achieving their goals, whilst maintaining a high level of governance.

Since 2009, we have committed more than RM450 million, working with over 80 project partners nationwide in order to achieve our Vision.

Before we direct you to our Application Form, we recommend that you read through the ‘What We Look For In An Application’, ‘What We Do Not Fund’, ‘Hand-In-Hand’ and ‘Application Process’ sections below. We also recommend that you go through our ‘Featured Projects’ so that you will have a rough idea on the types of projects that we have sponsored, and if your project is a good fit.

What we look for in an application

YSD is always open to new ideas and initiatives from organisations that share the same goals as those within our five pillars, and from individuals within our Arts & Culture pillar. However, in order to be most effective, we need to focus our resources and fund projects or organisations that feature the following: 


Sustainability – We like to support visionary organisations that have plans to be self-sustained after YSD’s sponsorship has ended.


Broad impact – We focus on projects that benefit the society at large, in any of our five pillars instead of only a small group or people.


Critical – To this end, YSD have been aiding organisations to execute projects that are critical to the society, environment or the country. We would like to continue our support in areas where funding is crucial nationwide.


Tangible – We expect our sponsored projects to have clear, tangible benefits that can be measured and monitored constantly.


Robust governance and management – We prefer working with organisations that have strong leaders who are able to drive the project forward. Solid financial resource management and clear-cut governance procedures are required from all beneficiaries.


Transparency & Cooperativeness – In order to assist our evaluation of your proposals, we may require additional documents from our applicants. We hope that our applicants are able to accommodate to our requests when needed.  

What We Do Not Fund


Projects that generate profits which will be distributed to Yayasan Sime Darby or our donors – Sime Darby Berhad, Sime Darby Plantation Berhad, and Sime Darby Property Berhad.


Projects driven by agendas that conflict with our principles and/or do not address the critical needs of our five pillars.


Projects by charitable bodies that are not registered with the Registry of Societies Malaysia or Companies Commission of Malaysia.


Projects that do not deliver a sustainable impact on society. We prefer working with organisations that have a plan to sustain their projects even after YSD’s sponsorship period for them has ended.


Individuals or causes that benefit only one person or a few individuals, with the exception of Education Sponsorship. Please keep a look out for the openings in the Scholarship section to apply for our Education Sponsorship.


Once approval is sought, YSD and the Beneficiaries will decide on the key deliverables of the projects. The key deliverables will be monitored periodically in order to ensure that both parties achieve the desired end outcome.

Generally, YSD does not provide funding in the form of grants to our beneficiaries. YSD will reimburse Beneficiaries upon receipt of complete payment documentations.

In order to facilitate our Beneficiaries in achieving the shared goals, we often conduct trainings and offer our expertise in an array of support services.

We also conduct periodic audits on our beneficiaries to obtain reasonable assurance on the funding governance.

Transparency and cooperation are expected out of all our beneficiaries.

Application process

Before applying on our website, please download and complete the Application Form. Do read through the Proposal Guideline in order to understand what we are looking for. Upon applying you will get an email notification with a reference number. This indicates that your application has entered the workflow and will be reviewed accordingly.

Due to the high number of applications we receive on daily basis, and the thorough evaluation procedures, the approval process will take up to three months. However, if we are interested to know more about your project, we will contact you within 45 days.

Please plan your application timeline accordingly, and look out for our application deadlines.

Please note that we not charge any fee for any kind of sponsorships. Do contact us if you have experienced this.

Ready to apply?

Be sure that you have completed the Application Form accordingly, and that you have all the necessary supporting documents to attach to the online application form. If you need further assistance, please refer to our Proposal Guideline.

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